I sometimes feel sorry for Imran Khan. Ever since his "selection" as prime minister, he has been facing one crisis after another. He is undoubtedly the most unpopular man in the country today, chiefly due to his failure to control inflation and his frequent U-turns.

When some Hazara people were killed in the days Zardari was president, he forcefully blamed the PPP for failure to maintain law and order. Today, after another massacre of the Hazaras, he is in a tight spot, because the relatives of the victims have said they will not bury the bodies until Imran Khan comes to them and assures them of justice. 

Even if Imran does visit them, I doubt if the killing of Hazaras and other Shias will stop. In all major cities, Shias are demonstrating and Karachi is virtually paralyzed. I won't be surprised if this unity among Shias compels Imran Khan to resign (as demanded by the opposition). He has himself admitted that he was incompetent (as if we didn't know already). He knows that the law and order situation in the country is bad due to his interference in matters which should not concern him. After appointing and removing many senior police officers, it was inevitable that there would be insecurity in the police and their performance would suffer. 

As for visiting the poor Hazaras, it won't be soon. The date will be decided by Her Holiness after studying after she has studied the horoscopes of Imran and the leaders of the Hazaras. Or maybe she'll consult the djinns that frequent her house at all hours of the night. 

I'm sure Imran Khan must be regretting the day he decided to enter politics. Serves him right.