Most of my countrymen believe that Pakistan is the only country with rampant corruption, but we saw how corrupt Americans are during the tenure of Donald Trump. In our own case, the so-called Mr. Clean ("Sadiq and Ameen") Imran Khan has been caught with his pants down. Of course we know that he is supported by the corrupt establishment and the judiciary, which is why the six-year old case of foreign funding against his party has still not been decided. Mr. Clean recently claimed that he cannot be blamed because the foreign funds were collected by his American agent and dispatched to his party's bank account, but he doesn't explain why there were so many party accounts which he didn't declare to the authorities. It's clear as daylight that he was corrupt from day one.

The French government is investigating what is known as the "Karachi affair". In 2002, eleven French engineers were killed in a bomb blast, which also caused the New Zealand cricket team to flee from the country in the middle of a test match. It was thought at the time that religious terrorists had blown up the bus carrying the engineers, but it seems that someone else did it. The reason for the attack was that the French government had ordered its people to stop paying bribes to Pakistanis who gave the contract for building submarines. So the bombing was apparently planned and executed by the people who were taking commissions from the French, who are apparently not interested in who carried out the bombing, but who paid the bribes. Six have already been convicted, and today the trial of former prime minister Balladur is beginning.

Of course, we'll never know who carried out the attack, as our government (like the ones that preceded it) would never share such details with the general public.