Imran Khan (Im the Dim, as they reportedly called him in Oxford) seems to be under a perpetual curse. Everything he's done or said has come back to haunt him. He struggled for 22 years to get the coveted job of prime minister, and blamed the previous government for being inefficient and corrupt. But during his first two and a half years as prime minister, it's his own government that has been caught looting the public.

He said (when in opposition) that when petrol or utility prices are increased, the extra money goes into the pockets of ministers. In January, he has already raised the prices of petrol and fuel, as well as gas and electricity. Should we not say that he and his ministers are pocketing the extra money?

Yesterday, PIA's airplane was seized by Malaysian authorities for not paying rental to the owner. As expected, the previous government was blamed, although our relations with Malaysia have vastly improved, as claimed. Naturally, Imran Khan said, "There is a Malaysian Nawaz Sharif who has done this". This kind of thing would never have happened in the tenure of the previous government, however corrupt it may have been.

The Broadsheet scandal could be the final nail in the coffin for Imran Khan, just as Panama was for Nawaz. His minister was caught asking for a cut from Broadsheet owner (more than a hundred billion rupees). 

The foreign funding case (which had been stalled by the Election Commission for seven years) is to be settled soon, and Imran Khan knows that he can be disqualified (if the establishment doesn't go all out to pressurize the ECP to rule otherwise. So he found a unique solution: he said there had been foreign funding, but he wasn't responsible for it, his foreign agent was. I suppose he will blame the rampant inflation on Hafeez Shaikh.

He did not go to condole with the Hazaras when they asked him to do so. He even called them "blackmailers", probably he was under a spell at the time. 

His Water minister Faisal Vawda's perjury has been under investigation for over a year, without the ECP giving a ruling. It's now being investigated by the courts, and it won't be long before he is convicted. 

The previous prime minister (Shahid Khaqan Abbasi) was charged with paying an exorbitant price for LNG, yet it is Imran Khan's government that failed to order LNG in time, and has had to buy it at the highest ever price. But of course NAB will not charge anyone in his government for the loss to the country.

This government has been the most inept and inefficient one in our history. There's no doubt, Imran Khan is under a curse.