In the beginning, they would ask, "Do you know anyone who's had Covid?", and the reply invariably was, "No". A couple of months later, the question would be, "Has anyone in your family contracted Covid?". The answer would be, 'No, not in my family, but a couple of my friends have had it". And then, "Has anyone related to you died of Covid?". Again, the answer would be, "No, but some acquaintances of mine have died of it". Now, Covid has killed someone in almost every family I know, including mine (although the victim was distantly related to me).

A doctor who last treated me expired yesterday. He was the last person you'd expect to be a victim. He used to get up early (he was an ex-army captain) and jog in the park, he was always optimistic about the future, and he was perhaps the healthiest man I knew.When I last visited him, he said I was very healthy for a Pakistani aged 75. Of course, I wouldn't have been so healthy if I hadn't been taking the 14 pills daily for hypertension and asthma-related symptoms. Not yet 70, the poor man got the virus probably from one of his patients, suffered for a month, then died. 

Now that there are many vaccines to prevent the spread of the disease, I wonder if the virus will mutate and become stronger. We've had the flu vaccine for years now, yet many people die of flu every year in the U.S. Probably this corona virus will be resistant to the vaccines and will go on killing in the years to come.