We should expect Imran Khan's minions to crow about the latest Asian Development Bank's report on the country's economy. The ADB says Pakistan's economy is showing signs of improvement. Before the Supreme Duffer and his friends point to this as a sign of their good governance, I'd like to remind them that after completely collapsing and being on the ventilator for the past two years, there was nowhere for the economy but to go up. 

Even if what the ADB says is true, how will the common Pakistani react if inflation continues unabated and the prices of edibles and medicines go on increasing? Imran and his ministers obviously can't understand why people are flocking to rallies being held by the opposition. Someone should tell them that the people have had enough of this selected government and its policy of blaming the previous regime for its own failures is no longer credible.

The panic with which the government has reacted to the proposed rally in Lahore tomorrow shows how inept its ministers are. Not only have they arrested D. J. Butt (who was to provide the sound system), they have also arrested the owner of the restaurant where Marium Nawaz lunched the other day. Imran Khan and his cronies are only proving that they know they will be booted out soon, and by alienating the people they are only accelerating their own downfall.