A few months back, religious scholar Tariq Jamil blamed "bay-parda" women in Pakistan for the havoc created by the Corona virus. According to his twisted logic, which he expounded in the presence of "born-again" Muslim Imran Khan, if women had not shown too much skin, the Corona virus would never have entered Pakistan. The same reasoning is given when earthquakes strike the country or any other mishap occurs (like the air crash in Karachi in May).

So yesterday both Mahira Khan (the actress who shows the most skin) and so-called "Maulana" Tariq Jameel were reported to have tested positive for Covid-19. Naturally, Imran Khan didn't ask his followers to pray for Mahira, but he did issue an urgent appeal for prayers for the religious scholar (who allegedly charged a million to attend a grand wedding in Gujranwalla recently).

And yesterday was the day on which Imran Khan spent with his dogs. I thought he'd gotten rid of them after marrying her holiness, but apparently she too hasn't heard that angels don't go to houses where dogs are kept. Or maybe Imran has got his dogs kept far away from his pious wife on his hundred and fifty thousand square yard estate (which he reportedly bought with money gifted to him by his first wife).