The puppet PTI government is in a panic, as is evident from the actions of its ministers to prevent rallies by the combined opposition. Last month, even though Covid cases were on the rise, they had no problem with either the opposition or their own party holding rallies in Gilgit Baltistan. Now, they keep on saying they will not prevent rallies but instead will arrest anyone who provides chairs or tents for the rallies. In fact, they've already arrested the man who was to supply loud speakers.

And if more proof is required, it's the sudden energy displayed by Imran Khan to project himself as much as possible. Aside from being interviewed many times by the media, he is shown at the launching of "new" projects (actually such projects were already launched by the previous government). Today he is in Sialkot, inaugurating a new airline (the license for which was already granted by the previous government). He apparently thinks he can fool the public into voting for his party in the next elections, but he doesn't know that over-projection was the main reason the nation got sick of Bhutto and Zia.

The country is already in a state of coma due to his stupid policies and failure to contain inflation. Researchers should try to find out why the prices of food and medicines have doubled and who has benefited from it. I have no doubt that his own cronies are involved. But of course no action will be taken against them as long as this "selected" government is in power. The courts are deliberately delaying the hearings into various cases against him and his ministers(like Faisal Vawda). When his "selectors" have had enough, they will ensure that he and his ministers are also convicted thrown in jail.