For many years now, I've noticed that more Memons are dying before they reach the age of 70. In fact, most of them pop off before they're 65. There are two corpulent Memons I know who should have been buried long ago, yet they somehow manage to evade death.

Such a one was Siraj Kasim Teli, who didn't have to work very hard to accumulate his billions. He inherited millions and these turned into billions without much effort. I always knew there was something wrong with him. The man had to force himself to speak loudly, there was a defect in his respiratory system. Whenever he spoke, it was in a loud whisper. 

I do not know if he was a victim of Covid 19. He was in Dubai when he died, having been hospitalized after he contracted pneumonia a couple of days back. Health care in Dubai is nothing to rave about, as its hospitals are state-owned and the doctors are mostly poorly-paid Indians.

He made the same mistake most Memons make: a sedentary life, rich food and practically no exercise. Unlike most Memons, though, he was clean-shaven and apparently very educated (or else he would have joined a religious party). May he rest in peace.