We've always known that like many species that once existed and disappeared, humans too would become extinct one day. What we didn't know was that it would happen so soon and it would be due to man's greed. Things are so bad that the grandchildren of my grandchildren could well see the end of the world. 

The way Trump is refusing to leave the White House despite a thumping defeat, and his attempts to create chaos, like getting the U.S. troops out of Afghanistan before Christmas, knowing that that country will see another civil war and take-over by the Taliban, plus his anticipated steps to foment war against Iran by Israel, purely to retain power, makes you wonder why such people are not strangled at birth. The United States, which the world regarded as a bastion of democracy, has become just another third world state, and we have to thank Trump for this.

In Pakistan, another rigged election in the disputed territory of Gilgit Baltistan reminds one of similar attempts by the establishment to subvert democracy in the country. Those who do so have forgotten that the country has been dismembered once.

So there's nothing to be optimistic about. I have quoted only the U.S. and Pakistan, but I'm sure in most countries there is an ongoing fight between humans to extract the maximum they can, forgetting that the earth's resources are finite. In fact, we need a more powerful virus than Covid 19, one that will kill half the population of the planet in a few days. Perhaps that could save mankind from extinction.