Pakistan is a country where anything can happen and its people don't bat an eyelid. We have a prime minister who is an inveterate liar and takes pride in being so. "Great leaders should always make U-turns", he once said, after taking many steps that he had criticized the previous government for when he spent 124 days on the container to overthrow the previous prime minister. "I want to make Pakistan like the state of Madina," he proclaims, while appointing crooks to top positions in the government. 

He knows that his own cronies are responsible for the wheat and sugar shortages. Yet he has not removed them from their positions, obviously to let them make even more billions (some of which no doubt they will contribute to the ruling party).

A man who was facing charges for slapping a female government officer was appointed to head the Women's Protection Department. The woman officer informed people on social media and the government was forced to withdraw the appointment of the offender. So we should not have been surprised when his own provincial government in the KP province appointed a twice-convicted serial child rapist as a consultant at a salary of Rs. 300,000 per month.

Yes, that's right. Sohail Ayaz was sentenced to jail terms in the UK and Italy. He arrived in Pakistan and got appointed as a consultant to the ruling party's government. The question arises, don't they check a person's background before hiring him? Yesterday, he was sentenced to death for sexually assaulting a minor boy. That's how we learned that he'd done the same thing in other countries. He confessed to doing it thirty times.

Now it's highly doubtful if he'll be hanged, knowing that he was able to get a government job without being investigated. He probably has friends and relatives in positions of authority, and will use his connections to get the sentence overturned on appeal. But if I were Imran Khan, I would sack those who were instrumental in appointing the rapist to a lucrative post. But I doubt if he'll do it, as it is highly likely that they are close to some powerful people in his own party.