This is the only government for whom the answer to every problem is to blame the previous one. Whether it is the rampant inflation, circular debt, reduced GDP, and inability to deal with Covid, Imran Khan has apparently told his ministers to say that the previous government is responsible. In fact, one of his party's stalwarts, the repulsive Fayyaz ul Hassa Chouhan, has said that his party would go on blaming the previous regime not only for its failures during this term, but during the next one as well (he apparently believes that the "selectors" will also rig the next elections to help Imran Khan misrule the country for another five years).

So, besides calling all opponents traitors and Indian agents, Imran Khan loves to point fingers at other countries for Islamophobia ("all other countries" doesn't include China, which is the only ally Pakistan now has after his government screwed up our relations with the Saudis and UAE). He called for action when blasphemous cartoons were printed in France, ignoring the fact that in his own countries, minorities are treated like untouchables in India.

Next time he says anything about mistreatment of Muslims in the West, he might first think of the kidnapping and forcible conversion of minor Hindu and Christian girls in the country. He should remember that Ahmedis, Shias and others are routinely killed and the killers are applauded by the mainstream majority. 

He should also ask his friend Tariq Jameel to tell his followers not to forcibly convert others to Islam. But I doubt he'll do so, considering that this mullah is reported to have been paid a million for delivering a sermon at the high-profile wedding reception in Gujranwalla recently.