There are times when you can't help wondering how Pakistan has managed to stay afloat. From politicians like Imran Khan to army officers, it seems that all of them have very low IQs, lower than even peons and clerks in government departments.

About twenty days back, the senior most police officer in Sindh was rudely awakened in the dead of night and spirited away to the headquarters of the Rangers in Karachi. There, he was compelled to order the arrest of Capt (R) Safdar, the husband of Maryam Nawaz, who is leading the campaign against the present inefficient government of Imran Khan. The door of the couple's hotel room was forced open and the captain arrested.

The next day the top cop registered his protest by applying to go on a two month leave. In a few hours, many more police officers had done the same. If they hadn't done so, the incident would never have seen the light of day. The army chief was requested to look into the matter. He said an inquiry would be held, and the results declared in ten days. When ex-premier Nawaz asked why the inquiry had not been completed in twenty days instead of ten, the army finally said some officers had been suspended and further action would be taken against them.

Actually, there was no need for the inquiry to take so long, as it had been apparent all along that Imran Khan was responsible. It was the nephew of one of his ministers who filed the complaint, even though he had been miles away from the site. If there had been any doubt of Imran being behind the incident, it was removed when he smiled contemptuously and said the whole thing is a "comedy". 

According to the army, its officers had been "over zealous" in arranging the arrest as they thought the police should not have delayed acting immediately. Apparently they are not aware that their own protege (Imran Khan) had also similarly desecrated the sanctity of the mazaar of the Quaid years ago. Even if they knew about it, it's doubtful if they would have done what they did now. 

Of course, we shall never know all the facts of the case, unless the apex court steps in and holds its own investigation. But knowing that they too have acted under duress in the past, I doubt if they'll act now. 

Whatever happened, the army got a bad name, all due to the low IQ and ineptitude of the man it selected to rule over the country.