Mr. Jinnah's mausoleum had previously been used for political purposes by the then opposition leader-on-a-container Imran Khan a few years back. He and his unruly followers had created a ruckus, demanding the resignation of the prime minister at the time (Nawaz Sharif). It had been considered normal at the time and no one was charged. But when Mariam Nawaz (daughter of the ousted prime minister) and her husband did the same thing, all hell broke loose. 

The youthia government went all out for the kill. After all their ministers condemned Mariam's husband Safdar of the crime of desecrating the grave of the founder of the nation, someone advised the desperate nincompoop Imran Khan to do something reckless. Luckily no one was killed.

They got a local leader's nephew to file a charge against Safdar for attempted murder and creating mayhem at the grave. The said nephew, by the way, is also free on bail pending the outcome of a trial for terrorism. Then the leadership got the Inspector General of police kidnapped and he was forced to order the police to break down the door of the hotel room where Maryam and her husband were staying. Not many saw what was the real intention behind the break-in. 

The leadership apparently thought Safdar (a retired army captain) would try to resist arrest, a shoot-out would follow and the couple would be killed. If not both of them, if the husband were killed, Maryam would have to self-isolate for four months and the opposition's momentum would be slowed. 

The incident shows the desperation of those who rule the country. It's obvious that Imran is in a panic, and will do anything to save himself from the people's wrath. Let's hope he doesn't do something drastic, like starting a war with a neighboring country.