The Chinese have a saying, "May you live in interesting times". I'm glad I'm alive today, when so many interesting things are happening, in Pakistan and elsewhere. 

In India, the media is busy reporting that there is a civil war going on in Karachi between the people and the armed forces. Even a respectable channel like CNN was duped into reporting this fake news. There was a time when I used to respect Indian journalists for being truthful. Not any more. They are so biased against Pakistan and Muslims that they don't report on the killing of Muslims in Indian-occupied Kashmir and other parts of India.

In Pakistan, things have heated up after the ludicrous attempt by Imran Khan to silence Captain Safdar and Maryam Nawaz. The Inspector General of Sindh was forced (probably at gunpoint) to sign the arrest warrant to get Safdar. If the ex-army captain had taken out his gun to shoot down those who broke open the door of his room, a bloodbath would have ensured. Probably that was what they intended, to kill Safdar so his wife would stay out of politics for four and a half months, thus depriving the combined opposition of its main speaker.

Imran and his cronies certainly were taken unawares by what happened after the shameful incident. Almost the entire police command in Sindh requested to be sent on leave ranging from ten to sixty days. This was a big shock, and the army chief had to be requested to conduct an inquiry and fine the persons responsible for acting as if they are above the law. Of course, since everyone knows who did it, it's doubtful if the results of the inquiry will be made public. Perhaps a few small fish will be sacked and people will soon forget the incident, and Imran will thank his wife for it. Until the next major incident happens, which will be very soon, seeing the panic on the faces of Imran Khan and his minions.