They tried their best to stop the united opposition parties from holding a "power show" in Gujranwalla. Event though all analysts (including those who love IK) admitted that it had been very impressive, Imran's cronies have spared no effort to portray it as a failure. The most voluble has been Punjab's information minister Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chouhan, who has never paid any income tax in his life. He is fooling no one else but himself if he thinks the public believes him. In fact, his party is so much hated throughout the country that Punjab's lady health minister was booed when she went to the burning Hafiz Centre in Lahore to sympathize with those whose shops have been destroyed. They yelled abuses at her, shouting slogans praising Nawaz Sharif and calling for Imran Khan to resign. This should at least convince her that her party is no longer popular in the majority province. I hope her boss sees the video and gets the message.

As expected, all government ministers called Nawaz Sharif and his allies Indian agents, with that loudmouth Railway Minister Shaikh Rasheed even saying that Nawaz's party should be banned. He seems to have forgotten what happened when the majority party in Pakistan was banned and its leader (Mujeebur Rahman) labelled a traitor and imprisoned. The country was dismembered. I wonder why this man is tolerated by those who rule the country. I also wonder why his recent bout with Covid has not left him scarred. I won't be surprised if his brain deteriorates rapidly and he starts making weird statements.

What Nawaz said has been known for a long time. We know that the 2018 elections were heavily rigged to foist that nincompoop IK on us. In just two years he has destroyed the economy. And I can bet that he will raise the salaries of government and private sector employees by twenty percent or so. This will again cause prices to go through the roof, as he will need to substantially increase petrol, gas and electricity prices to balance the budget. It won't be long before he is overthrown. I only hope his removal is done without bloodshed.