I've heard it so many times that I would like to hit the next man who says it to me. "There is no compulsion in Islam", some of them say, with that pious expression that only hypocrites adopt. If what they say is true, why do fanatics routinely kill Shias? 

Way back in 1964 or thereabouts, an Arab king visited Pakistan. A con man put up a huge banner with his name and picture on it, and the words "Islamic banking" in English and Arabic. It was placed in such a spot that the King couldn't have failed to notice it. Of course there was no response from the Arab, as the kingdom in those days was a poor country.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "The easiest way to dupe a Pakistani Muslim is to use Islamic words or terms wherever possible". Using words like "sharia compliant", "halal" and "Islamic" are sure to attract Pakistani customers. A few years back Taqi Usmani made it mandatory for women working in his Dubai bank to be fully covered. The order also applied to Hindu and Christian women. He was the same person who (as Chief Justice of the Shariat Court) tried to ban interest-based banks but failed, when it was pointed out to the Supreme Court that he was the chairman of 200 organizations promoting interest-free banking.

The only thing Islamic about these banks (until now) was that they replaced the word "interest" with "profit". In fact, their charges are much higher than those of commercial banks, but Pakistani fools still gave their hard-earned money to them. 

Now, Faysal Bank has made it compulsory for its female employees to don the all-enveloping burqa also. The irony is that its male employees are free to wear western clothes and shave daily as well. There has been a huge outcry on the social media about this, but I doubt if it'll affect them.