It's easy to tell whenever a government in Pakistan knows that it is no longer popular and is about to fall. The biggest sign of course is the imposition of censorship on the media. All TV channels have been ordered not to telecast speeches of the opposition leaders, even those who have so far not been convicted of any offence (like Maulana Fazlur Rehman).

The other significant sign is calling all opposition leaders Indian agents. The entire cabinet of the puppet prime minister Imran Khan has gone into overdrive, painting Nawaz Sharif and his allies as helping India. Strange, Nawaz Sharif and his ministers did not call Imran Khan an Indian agent when he paralyzed the government of the day for 124 days in 2014. That "dharna" led to the cancellation of the visit of the Chinese president to the country. Ironically, it is said that the same Chinese president is reluctant to visit Pakistan after an important advisor of the puppet premier was caught indulging in corruption. 

As I said, almost every minister in the government is yelling out loud about Nawaz's treachery. Shehbaz Gill brings up something new every day. Today he "revealed" that Nawaz met Modi secretly in Nepal, yesterday he said Nawaz's sons have been seen talking to Indians in London recently. Shaikh Rasheed, whose brain has obviously been affected by Covid, can't control himself. Yesterday he threatened Maryam Nawaz openly, saying he would reveal certain secrets that would cause an earthquake. If he really has such secrets, why not expose them now? But then, no one takes him seriously, he talks about everything under the sun except his job (which is to run the railways).

The third thing is arresting prominent leaders of the opposition. Today they have announced they will arrest Maryum Nawaz's husband on charges of treason, but they dare not arrest Maulana Fazlur Rehman, whose party leaders threatened to hold demonstrations outside the Peshawer Corps Commander's House when the National Accountability Bureau said it would charge him with financial crimes. NAB of course hurriedly withdrew the notice, probably after some bigwig told it to do so.

So we are in for interesting times in the days to come. I hope the puppet prime minister is told to go to London soon and rest there for the remainder of his life.