I used to watch both Trump and Imran Khan mixing freely among the people without wearing masks, although Imran started wearing the mask when some of his close associates were infected. I thought, perhaps, that this virus was reluctant to attack stupid people, and so both of them were still free of infection. But now that Trump has gone down, it's only a matter of time before his Pakistani counterpart is also affected, particularly since his wife is a frequent visitor to crowded places like shrines. Of course, Imran may already have been infected but didn't have the symptoms, like about twenty to thirty percent of those infected. In which case, let's hope his brain isn't affected, as has been the case with several people in the U.S. He's already a nut, we can't have a man in his position going berserk and ordering missiles to be fired on his opponents!

Seriously, though, I hope the Democrats do some solid research and convince the American public that Trump is now a security risk. Even if he doesn't have symptoms, and he does get re-elected, the corona virus may remain hidden in his body until one day he gets this urge to start a nuclear war. All the world leaders must be hoping and praying that the Republicans lose the election next month.