Both Imran Khan and Trump are narcissists, they love being flattered and told by sycophants how good they are. Even though Trump is obviously in bad shape after getting emergency treatment for Covid 19, he resisted his doctor's advice to remain in hospital. Not wanting to appear weak, he wants to campaign for re-election. I hope he collapses and is declared unfit to run.

Pakistan's Trump, meanwhile, has gone berserk. Forty one important members of Nawaz's Muslim League were suddenly charged with sedition. Among the accused were three retired generals and the prime minister of Azad Kashmir! Naturally, Imran's stooges went on the defensive, saying the prime minister had nothing to do with the matter. Really? How do you explain that whenever they do anything, they always say it's done on the advice of the prime minister? Sometimes you wonder if they even have to take Imran's permission whenever they want to piss or shit. I saw a video of Imran in which he begins every sentence with "I', "My" and "Mine". The man is simply obsessed with himself.

So, while Imran's cronies claimed his government was not involved in the sedition charges, the media discovered that the man behind the FIR was a prominent member of Imran's ruling party. Moreover, he is himself involved in several cases of murder and other charges. The Punjab governor, a turncoat himself, said he didn't know the man, even though there are enough photos of the governor with the complainant.

It makes you wonder how this country has been able to survive for seven decades. If people like the governor and the narcissistic prime minister remain in charge, the country won't be able to survive for long.