Our "selected" leader Imran Khan often talks of turning Pakistan into something like the early state of Madina. He should be told that the rulers in those days did not live in palatial mansions like the one he has built in Bani Gala. He would be astounded to know that everyone in positions of power was accountable to the public, and embezzlement of state funds could result in hands being chopped off. Yet Imran Khan likes to have known thieves and looters around him, some of whom he himself called crooks in the past.

Even his admirers will find it difficult to believe how he got all copies of Sohail Warraich's book withdrawn from all booksellers in the country. The book is a compilation of newspaper columns written in the past by the author. But the cover of the book depicted a cartoon showing Imran Khan seated at the feet of the real ruler of this country. But if he thought everyone would forget the cartoon, he was wrong. The cartoon will be removed, the books will be returned, but Imran Khan himself has made the cartoon famous. It has probably been seen by millions around the world, and I'm sure newspapers outside the country will carry it.

Other laws were passed yesterday, despite the opposition being in the majority. The blatantly partisan speaker did not allow opposition members to amend the bills, one of which will allow the cops to enter any premises and arrest the inmates without reason.

Someone should tell Imran to stop uttering the name of Madina and replace it with North Korea, because soon the country will become a totalitarian state if Imran Khan is allowed to continue in government.