I first saw and heard Tariq Jamil during my second pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj. I heard him say things which immediately made me conclude that the man is not normal. Either that or he's a great actor. 

I've heard religious leaders say that women are responsible for all our problems, that earthquakes happen because girls wear jeans, because there is a lot of "obscenity" in society (particularly on TV), because women wear sleeveless dresses, etc etc. I sometimes wonder why they are so obsessed with what women do and what they wear. It seems these men have nothing else to do. Someone should tell them that earthquakes happen in places where there are no women (like deep beneath the oceans).

Even that great born-again Muslim and former playboy Imran Khan  is now of the same mindset as these mullahs. When this corona virus first appeared, he had Tariq Jamil raise his hands in prayer, asking forgiveness for the shamelessness of Pakistani Muslim women that had caused the virus to cause so much destruction. In a recent speech, Imran Khan blamed Bollywood movies and vulgarity for the recent rape incident on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway, an incident for which he is partially responsible, as his favorite police officer did not arrange the patrolling of police mobile vans in the area. 

Now the mullah (Tariq Jamil) has concluded that the rape incident happened due to the existence of coeducational schools and colleges in the country. Apparently he thinks that boys will turn into rapists if they spend ten or twelve years in the company of females. I doubt if the two rapists in the recent incident even went to school or college, all the education they got was probably in madrasahs where they were probably told that all women are possessed by the devil and therefore should be regularly beaten up to ensure obedience.