I have never liked Nawaz Sharif. I know that he is anti-Karachi, that he trusts only those people around him who speak Punjabi, and that he tried to force some media houses and automobile manufacturers to shift to Lahore. I also know that he got the census fudged to show a significantly higher population growth in Lahore and at the same time a very low population growth in Karachi. But the huge amount of taxes contributed by Karachi traders (compared to those in the rest of the country) prove that the population of Karachi is much higher than recorded in the census of 2017.

But at least Nawaz Sharif was much better at governance than the nincompoop who rules over the country today. When it was announced that Nawaz Sharif would address the multi-party conference, the entire government machinery went into overdrive, even threatening to shut down those TV channels that would dare to telecast Nawaz's speech. Apparently the invisible forces who thrust Imran Khan into power realized that such a step would backfire and allowed the speech to be telecast. And I was surprised at how well written the speech was, and how Nawaz spoke. 

What I really liked was his assertion that he doesn't have anything against Imran Khan, it's those who rigged the elections and made  him the prime minister who are the villains. He spoke of corruption not only by government ministers, but also by the junior general Bajwa, stunning everyone who thought he would never dare to utter a word against the army. He also called for the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report to be made public, to fix responsibility on those whose actions resulted in the dismemberment of the country.

I think what made this possible was the exposure of corruption by that general, as well as the fact that some of Imran's minions paid no tax, while he himself paid very little (as also pointed out by Nawaz Sharif in his speech).

Now that the opposition has united against the government, it won't be long before Imran is sent home.