Last night a woman driving on the motorway from Lahore to nearby Gujranwalla had to stop as her car had run out of petrol. She called the emergency services that are meant to provide help in such circumstances, but apparently those worthies were preoccupied with something else, probably a sumptuous meal. As she waited in the dark, some men emerged from the woods, smashed the car's window panes, forced her out of the car and then gang-raped her in the presence of her children. They also deprived her of cash and valuables.

Now this is the kind of incident that usually doesn't raise eyebrows in this Islamic republic. It happens all the time, and the victims rarely go to the cops as they know they will be raped in the police station. In this case, the woman chose to speak out, and there was a furor on social media.

As expected, it was reported that the moronic chief minister of Punjab had taken notice of the incident and the culprits would be found and punished, blah blah blah...

But then, out of the blue, Imran Khan's favorite policeman Umar Sheikh blamed the woman for the incident. "She shouldn't have driven in the dark, she should have chosen another route", he said. This police official is so influential that he got the Inspector General of Police transferred from Lahore a couple of days back. Of course, no action will be taken against him and he will remain in Lahore, where he will be used to target members of the opposition and get them involved in false cases. As Imran Khan would probably say, "This is what turning the country into Madina is all about".