Imran Khan talks incessantly about the state of Madina and how he will make Pakistan just like it. Right now, it seems that Pakistan will soon be another North Korea, the way those who tell the truth are picked up and (if they're lucky) allowed to return (although there have been instances when they've been found dead or seriously injured).

I'm talking about that SECP officer (Siraj Gondal) who was suspected of giving vital information about the assets of an allegedly corrupt general to an investigative reporter (Ahmed Noorani). He was picked up in broad daylight a few hours after Imran Khan told Al-Jazeera that the media in Pakistan is absolutely free.

I'm sure he wouldn't have been released so soon if the social media hadn't erupted. Of course there was his aged mother and young wife demonstrating outside the prime minister's residence, demanding his return. But you can bet Imran Khan wouldn't have done anything if the Islamabad High Court hadn't asked him to find out the whereabouts of the missing official and get him released. This was done almost immediately, leading one to conclude that the government was involved.

Now the amazing thing is that the victim refused to tell the truth about what had happened. He simply said he'd forgotten to inform his family and had gone to the Northern Areas. No one of course believes him. But I would like to know if he commits perjury in the court if he's asked to appear. But knowing how the state acts in such matters, I won't be surprised if the case is disposed of without him being called to testify.

So the moral is clear: if such a thing happens to you, and you're lucky enough to return alive, simply refuse to tell the truth, or you'll be found dead one night. And of course, no one will know who did it, even though everyone will have a good idea.