Someone should tell Imran Khan to speak only when it is absolutely necessary. Yesterday was one of those rare occasions when he went to the parliament. And what do you know, the moron said something which electrified the world. He described as "shaheed" or "martyr" the world's top terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. In just a few minutes, the story had become viral and I'd be very surprised if Trump doesn't call the moron and tell him that he is no longer welcome in the West.

As Ayaz Amir said on TV today, "What was the need to talk about the terrorist when it wasn't on the agenda?" It seems Imran the moron is not allowed to speak at home, so he seizes every chance to talk whenever he has an audience. Those who got him elected in rigged elections must be regretting why they chose an imbecile like him to preside over the affairs of this country. 

His ministers and advisors also must now be convinced that he's a security risk. Soon they will ditch him and I hope those who rule the country do to him what they did to Bhutto.

And after they've done that, I hope they stay away from politics. They should do what has been assigned to them by the Constitution. The country has suffered enough already.