When he was in opposition, Imran Khan would repeatedly say that only corrupt governments increase energy and fuel prices. Now it's come back to haunt him. Yesterday, he suddenly announced an increase of more than thirty percent in fuel prices. Normally, new petrol prices are announced on the last day of the month and petrol stations charge the new prices from the first of the next month. 

But not this time. The prices were made effective immediately, enriching petrol pump owners who had been hoarding petrol for the past few days because they had known that prices would be raised. The shameless Imran Khan and his ministers say that fuel prices have increased, but when prices went down (to zero on one day), the decrease in prices was very little. Yet now, even though there has been an increase of less than ten percent, this robber baron has increased prices by over thirty percent.

The rumor is that the excessive amount will go into the coffers of the ruling party to enable Imran Khan to spend and get votes in the next elections, which he might call any day. But I doubt if this will save him. He has ruined the country, and deserves to be punished for doing so.