It was bound to happen. Imran Khan's men are now fighting among themselves, no doubt because they expected to become billionaires after getting "selected" in the massively rigged elections two years ago. In the beginning, they did nothing but blame the previous government for their lack of performance, but now, with awkward questions being asked about their non-governance, they have taken to blaming each other.

It was the obese Fawad Choudhry who revealed that all was not hunky dory. He told VOA about how Jehangir Tareen got Asad Umar removed, and how the latter avenged himself. He also said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi is a major villain. The moronic Imran Khan had a hard time trying to establish peace, what with that other moron Faisal Vawda trying to physically attack a senior minister (not named in the reports). It's rumored that Moron Khan told his ministers they have only six months to improve their performances, if they don't the government will fall.

I'm surprised they've lasted so long. Those who selected them must be wondering at their own stupidity. But then, the great Moron is just like Trump, he's still popular among those who think he can do no wrong. I was talking to a Punjabi fan of his and I asked him, "Despite knowing that the man is an imbecile, you still like him?" I got the standard reply "He's more honest than the others". Now that there are signs that he's not so honest, we should see many people turning against him. Let's hope he's thrown out soon.