As if we didn't have enough troubles, a new bird flu virus has emerged. It is so lethal that the current Corona crisis is a picnic when compared to it. Half of humanity (roughly 4 billion people) could die if we don't take preventive measures.

It looks like we'll have to stop eating chicken (the staple food in many countries). 

Meanwhile, in an ironic twist, PTI leader Khurram Sher Zaman has tested positive for Covid-19. Remember, this is the same man who said that the Corona is a Category 3 virus, prompting his critics to say that he is a Category 3 politician. I hope he isolates himself and regrets claiming that the Sindh government is inflating the reported number of deaths due to the virus. Perhaps his ordeal will also make him sensible and will prevent him from making wild statements in future.

More bad news: some more PMLN people have tested positive, including its president Shahbaz Sharif. We should be forgiven for thinking that this guy has paid to get a false report, considering that he doesn't want to present himself before the accountability court and NAB (which are being used by Imran Khan precisely to harass opposition leaders). But if Shahbaz has really got infected, his situation is grim. He is a cancer survivor and on heavy medications already. If it's Imran Khan's aim to get more and more PMLN leaders get infected, he seems to be succeeding. Ahsan Iqbal and Marium Aurnagzeb have also tested positive.