Even though he has proved that he is without doubt the greatest fool in the country (if not the world), Imran Khan still has some followers who adore him. I call this phenomenon a disease (which I have named "Imranitis"). 

In this respect the moron is just like Trump, whose popularity has waned dramatically after his incompetent handling of the pandemic. Yet Trump also has his admirers, including a few Christian classmates of mine (all of them dark). I suppose when one day a white supremacist attacks one of them, they'll realize that Trump is responsible and will no longer feel good about him.

Once, at the club, I spoke of Bhutto's bad habits (including wife-beating). Two of his Sindhi-speaking fans immediately left and never spoke to me again. But of course Bhutto had helped Sindhis a great deal. Before he came to power, there were no native Sindhis in positions of power. When he became the president (and later, the prime minister), he sacked hundreds of senior bureaucrats and replaced them with his Sindhi-speaking followers. Suddenly the Customs, Income Tax and other government departments were filled with Sindhis. So I understood why, the day he was overthrown (and later, executed), my Sindhi neighbors were in tears.

But this obsession with Imran Khan is inexplicable. He's been in power for about two years, and already the economy is in tatters and shows no signs of recovering. His minions say it is due to the Corona pandemic, but that has been there for only two months, the economy had been going downhill much earlier.

I know a Bohri chap who was born and bred in Karachi, but moved to Lahore some thirty years back. He simply can't tolerate anything said against Imran Khan. Usually Gujaratis are not so emotional, yet he howls with rage whenever I say that Imran is untrustworthy, The other day I sent him a couple of video clips in which the speaker quoted from Imran's speeches to prove that he (Imran Khan) is a dunce. You should have seen the Bohri's reaction. It was as if I had said something vile about his mother or sister.

Which makes me wonder, "Is there a cure for Imranitis"?