I knew that relaxing the lock down a few days before Eid would result in a spike of Corona cases. Exactly two weeks after Eid, many prominent men have been infected. One of them is a former prime minister (Shahid Khakan Abbasi). The other is that repulsive loudmouth, Railways Minister Shaikh Rasheed. There have been more cases, of junior politicians in both Sindh and Punjab, as well as a few deaths.

It's easy to guess what happened. Men like them have to shake hands and embrace visitors at every festival. Naturally, if they had distanced themselves from their illiterate voters, they would have risked losing in the next elections.  

But I wonder how Shaikh Rasheed wasn't able to predict that it would happen to him. He has been known to declare what would happen to opposition politicians next day or next week or next mondth. Yet he didn't know that he'd get infected by the lethal virus. There is poetic justice here. I hope he keeps his mouth shut for the next two weeks. I won't miss him.

Of course, now that Shaikh Rasheed has tested positive (without having symptoms), he's a danger to others, particularly to his colleagues in the cabinet. Imran Khan is not likely to get permission from his wife to meet Shaikh Rasheed or any other minister until the virus dies out (which won't be soon). Again, if somehow Imran Khan does get infected, and is forced to self-isolate, it will be very good for the country.