It was inevitable, I suppose. Sooner or later I knew this virus would strike a member of my family. My wife's nephew (younger brother of my son-in-law) tested positive on Eid day (yesterday). I do not know if he got it from one of the workers in his factory, or during his frequent visits to mosques. Now it will be a very long time before I'm able to meet my daughter and her children. Yesterday was the first Eid ever when we didn't visit any relatives (and no one came to our house). I didn't meet a single neighbor as I didn't go to the fake mosque in our compound ("fake", because it's built on land which was meant for the kids' play area).

It's been more than nine weeks since I visited the club (it's been closed ever since the lockdown started). Malls were opened last week, but again I'm sure to get infected if I go inside one (if I'm allowed to go in). I often wondered what it means to retire and spend time at home. But I never thought I'd be completely cut off. At least retired people are able to go to libraries, clubs and cinema houses. They're able to move around the town, buy clothes, shoes and everything that's necessary. The only thing I'm able to buy nowadays is edibles. And I am always worried about getting infected by the deadly virus. If it weren't for online books, Whattsapp videos and movies on Netflix, I'd have died of boredom by now. How can one enjoy life under these circumstances?