As a nation, we love conspiracy theories. We are not alone, of course, but due to our high illiteracy rate, we churn out conspiracy theories and a large number of our people believe them. It's been three days since the air crash, and already people have become aviation experts.

First there are those who blame the authorities for allowing the construction of houses and buildings so near the airport. But then, Hong Kong and Dubai have very tall buildings all around their airports. But try telling this to those who have never been to the two cities. They want all buildings near the airport to be demolished, as if doing so would solve the problem of crashing airplanes.

Then there are those who think the pilot was a bit reckless. Perhaps the pilot was drunk, or maybe he was infected by the Corona virus and feeling sleepy. But only the black box will reveal the truth. 

Of course, someone had to come out and say that it was the fault of the staff in the airport control tower. Maybe someone had a grudge against the pilot or someone else in the crew, which is why the pilot wasn't informed that the landing gear was not functioning. But then, the pilot should have known this anyway, unless he was drunk or incapacitated.

Another conspiracy theory is that the landing gear was deliberately tinkered with before the flight. Why would anyone do that? Perhaps the one who did it wanted someone to get killed. Perhaps he is a fanatic who thinks airplanes should not have female passengers.

Which brings me to the female model who died in the crash. There is yet no conspiracy theory to blaming her for the accident, but you never know. Already there are experts on Islam who claim that she will be denied entry into heaven. Maybe they will say that the crash wouldn't have occurred if she'd stayed back in Lahore.

These religious nuts haven't been able to explain why a banker was among the two survivors. Why would the Almighty save someone whose job it is to facilitate the taking and giving of interest? I doubt if even the fanatics have an answer to this.

The French manufacturers of the aircraft have arrived and will take the black box away with them. This made me wonder what would happen if their aircraft also crashed on its way back to Paris? Then we'd have two black boxes, but of course this will give an added impetus to our conspiracy theorists. They will be convinced the second crash was deliberately engineered to prevent the truth about the first crash being known. But it will never be known anyway. We have never been told why all our previous crashes occurred.