I never thought I'd see an Eid like the one today. We normally go to visit relatives and have lunch with my wife's brothers and sister. At night we have dinner with my brothers and sisters. But this time, in both places there are extremists who have spent the holy month in the company of other extremists and who don't wear masks or maintain the minimum distance between them. One nephew has fever (which may possibly be due to the virus). Yet he (along with his fanatic father) are doing the rounds, meeting and embracing relatives as if the virus doesn't exist. They will probably infect everyone they meet.

So we have to stay at home today as well, like in the past two months. I can't say I regret it, I am an introvert and don't like socializing. Perhaps it's because most people I know are not known for having high IQs. It's senseless to talk to them on almost any subject under the sun. Only a handful can speak authoritatively on cricket and politics. Almost all of them don't know anything about evolution or past extinctions of life on the planet. Most of them think the earth is flat or that the life span of every individual is pre-determined, so they don't take precautions like wearing masks and gloves to prevent being infected. 

I hope that this virus makes people like Trump and Imran Khan  take more interest in science. But since the former doesn't believe that humans are responsible for climate change, while the latter thinks we should learn "spiritual science" (studying electricity from djinns), I doubt that they will ever change their mindsets.