Ever since the government introduced social distancing measures for those praying in mosques. I've been monitoring the "qabza" mosque in our apartment complex. It's not really a mosque, as it has been built on land meant for a children's play area, but this being Pakistan, anything being done in the name of Islam takes precedence over everything else.

I met a born-again 60 year old Muslim returning from prayers and asked him why he insisted on defying the government and exposing all his neighbors to the risk of contracting the virus. He laughed and said, "Nothing will happen, it's all in Allah's hands, if you are fated to be infected, you will be, nothing can stop it". This man has two daughters who are doctors, so I asked him what they tell him about practicing the risks to him. He laughed again and said they've advised him not to get too close to others in the mosque. This is why I believe that it's useless to try to persuade such people to see reason. 

The very next day, the Sindh Governor (an Imran Khan boot-licker) got infected. Just last week, Imran Khan was scheduled to visit Karachi and meet his party men, but cancelled the visit at the last minute, probably after his wife Pinky told him not to go. Otherwise he too would have been in quarantine today. Just our bad luck that he escaped. 

Today I was talking to another Imran Khan fan (he was my colleague in the oil industry). He too is convinced that all the measures taken by the government are going to fail, because Allah decides everything. So I asked him why it was necessary to hang Bhutto and remove Nawaz Sharif from power, as whatever they did was also due Allah's will. Of course he had no answer.