It should have been expected, in fact I'm surprised why they waited so long to do it. After suddenly saying that cholesterol (like the one in eggs) is not so bad and doesn't cause heart disease, now they've come up with something good about smoking.

It seems that those who have been smoking for long are less likely to be struck by Covid-19. This seems odd, because at the same time they've found that those who live in polluted environments are very likely to get it. 

Of course it's only a couple of studies in France so far that have revealed these startling results. Another study in China concluded that smokers are more likely to get infected. Even the French have warned that once a smoker does get infected by Covid-19, he or she will probably die a horrible death.

I have a few near relatives who refuse to give up smoking. One of them even advised me, years ago, to start smoking if I wanted to enjoy life. I suppose such people will be ecstatic. I only hope these French findings don't encourage others to take up the ugly habit. I am severely allergic to cigarette smoke, which is one of the reasons I have never been popular among my fellow Memons.