Historians of the future (if there is a future) will always wonder how Imran Khan chose his ministers. The present minister of science and technology in his cabinet is a lawyer who used to be the information minister. Most of his forty eight ministers and advisors are nincompoops. In a cabinet reshuffle months ago, he appointed a woman (FAA) whom I call Mad Cow as his special advisor on information. There were rumors at the time that she was appointed at the behest of the supremely talented wife of the prime minister, she who reportedly talks to djins and fairies every day and predicts the future.

But what a welcome relief it was to hear that the Mad Cow has been sacked. She's no longer the advisor on information (or disinformation). No longer shall we hear her querulous voice (like that of a child complaining about not getting candy) boring us every day. No longer will she grace our TV screens (unless, God forbid, the Sorceress Oracle herself intervenes and gets her appointed to another powerful post). 

Perhaps one day the chief moron in the country will explain why he chose her (a medical doctor) to be his advisor on information. She could have been made health minister, a job which is very demanding nowadays, with that corona thing on the loose.

But one thing I'll never forget is how tactless she is. Once, when handing out charity to a poor woman and being told that she had eight or ten children, the mad cow said, "What else does your husband do, besides making you pregnant?" No doubt she thought she was being funny, but you can imagine the effect it had on the poor woman who was the butt of her joke. I hope she's never made a minister or advisor for the remainder of this government's tenure (which doesn't look like it'll last very long).