April 30, 2020
Inter-planetary response
This letter refers to the article ‘Well done, PM’ (April 26, 2020) by Dr Farrukh Saleem. The prime minister surely deserves kudos for not announcing the forensic report on the sugar and wheat scandal on April 25. Apparently, it has been postponed for a fortnight. Since his very able ministers and confidants are involved, and they can't be made to pass sleepless nights in the holy month, I suggest that the forensic report should not be made public even after a fortnight.
The report should be sent for further verification to all the forensic experts on Earth, and after that experts on Mars should be asked to look into it. We have other planets besides Mars, where there are surely more experts. The people implicated in the scandal should rest assured, the report should be made public only after experts on all planets have studied the report and given their opinions.
Shakir Lakhani