After four months I'll be 76 years old. Throughout my life I've been afraid of getting killed due to many causes. There was the time twenty years back when the streets of Karachi were killing fields and I didn't know if I would return home in the evening or end up in a morgue. 

Then there were the two wars. In 1965, it wasn't so bad, Karachi was untouched (although Indian planes did come over but failed to do any damage). Lahore, of course, was heavily bombed. In 1971 the enemy struck where it would do Pakistan the most damage (Karachi). The burning oil tanks in Keamari (where I worked) are still fresh in my minds. But I survived all those years, despite the odds being great. 

Then there have been the flu and other diseases which strike regularly. Once I used to dread getting tetanus, though I've known only two who succumbed to it. There was a time when anyone who got typhoid was considered to be doomed. I myself went through a milder version of typhoid in my teens.

But this Corona virus has me stumped. It is so versatile that I doubt if humanity will ever be able to stamp it out. They say there are many strains, some of them being mild, which explains why so many people test positive but have no symptoms. I doubt if I'll be able to survive, as I see around me hundreds of stupid people who think they're immune to it. But my only consolation is that I've already lived much longer than most of my countrymen have done. I've had relatives who died in their sixties, a friend who kicked the bucket at 50 and many others who went much earlier. So I suppose I should be grateful for having lived so long. Let's hope I'm allowed to live a few more years, as I feel that I've not lived a full and productive life.