I first came across Tariq Jameel when I went to the holy land for Haj in 2005. As soon as I heard his first speech, I was convinced that he wasn't a real scholar but a fake one. In that speech he said camels waiting to be slaughtered began quarreling among themselves. Reason? Apparently each camel wanted to be the first to be sacrificed and go to Allah.

He has made many such wild speeches, some regarding the virgins in heaven. In one, he said they would be wearing many transparent dresses (he didn't say why). In some speeches, he claims to know what God will do or say when a sinner appears before him.

It says a lot about our people when you see highly literate ones among his followers. And one of them is of course that born-again Muslim, Imran Khan (naturally, since he likes to have liars and hypocrites like himself to be around him all the time).

The mullah's latest is something that should make all women hate him. He said that Allah has punished us with the corona virus due to immodest women in the country. I wonder what he means by immodest women. When he said, "Who is causing our women to be shameless, etc?", Imran Khan was seated next to him. Yes, the same Imran Khan who had a lot of "immodest" and "shameless" women dancing and applauding him during the 124 days he spent on the container, paralyzing the government of the time and causing enormous damage to the economy.

When he said a media tycoon had told him that his TV channel could not survive without fake news, and he was asked to name the said tycoon, he didn't. Next day, he apologized profusely for saying it (although he didn't apologize for holding women responsible for the corona thing). And yet Twitter is full of his followers attacking those who criticize this fake mullah.