I suppose it was inevitable. Faisal Edhi has to meet hundreds of people every day, he has to arrange washing of corpses and their burial, so it's not surprising that he has tested positive for the dreaded corona virus. But only a few days back, he met the chief executive of the country, the man who has been selected to be the prime minister, a job for which he has no talent.

The reason why Faisal Edhi met Imran Khan during these lockdown days is intriguing. His late father (the illustrious Abdul Sattar Edhi) had openly accused Imran Khan of trying to force him to join his party (which in those days was in the opposition). Yet Faisal Edhi went in his air ambulance to Islamabad to donate ten million rupees to the moron, despite almost everyone knowing that practically all the donated money will wind up in the ruling party's coffers to be used in the next elections. 

Faisal Edhi was granted an audience of only three minutes after waiting for quite a long time. In fact, if two other visitors hadn't recognized him and introduced him to the idiot, he would have gone without meeting him. So he gave him the cheque, and asked his help to set up a private university (which of course will never see the light of day).

Faisal Edhi was widely criticized in the social media for his donation. In fact, even I was amazed at his stupidity. But now that he's tested positive, Imran Khan should be tested immediately, along with those whom he's met in the past few days (including the president of the country). Will they go into quarantine if they too are found to be infected? But the real question is, how do we know it wasn't Imran Khan who passed on the infection to Faisal Edhi? If that is the case, hundreds more will have to be tested. Even if Imran Khan has no symptoms, he will always be regarded with dread. People will be scared to go near him. But then, he did ask for it, he told us there was no danger, only the old people would be affected, and so on. It would really be poetic justice if Imran Khan tests positive for Covid-19.