If there is one thing most humans have in common, it's a belief in conspiracy theories. I have met people who firmly believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy to kill Muslims. There are those who think the moon landing was faked, and of course millions who believe Kennedy wasn't killed by Oswald.

I don't believe in such theories, but almost every Pakistani Muslim I know is convinced that the corona virus was manufactured in a laboratory by the Americans (not the Chinese, because Pakistanis have a soft corner for the China).

Needless to say, these people are also convinced that the CIA killed Kennedy, Liaquat Ali Khan and Zia us Haq. They also say that it is meant to turn Muslims away from Islam, as in all Muslim countries congregational prayers have been banned in mosques. Religious party leaders today said that prayers in mosques should be allowed, as construiction activity has now been permitted. 

So we should expect dead bodies soon on the streets after the lock down is lifted by Imran Khan (who is also the Health Minister and has always opposed the lock down). 

Even though Imran Khan did not ask Muslims to pray at home, he did ask Pakistani Christians to do so (who immediately complied). So his followers would be right in saying that the virus is a conspiracy against their beloved party leader, as it has proved that he is a certified moron!