We've always known that Imran Khan has always been an opportunist. He did everything to become prime minister of the country. And after succeeding, he has done everything to maintain his precarious grip on power.

All that may be about to end. The sugar scandal may be the death blow to his government. His longtime financier and henchman has revealed that Imran Khan's days of protest on the container were not justified. He claimed that the 2013 polls were massively rigged. But Jehangir Tareen, the sugar baron who financed the party, has revealed that rigging had taken place on a few seats only, and by paralyzing the country for 124 days, Imran Khan had damaged the country beyond repair. 

The split in the ruling party will not be resolved soon, if ever. If I were a PTI lawmaker, I wouldn't be happy that Khusro Bakhtiar was actually given a much better post after he had resigned due to being exposed as a beneficiary of the sugar scandal. It seems that the insecure Imran Khan is not ready to punish those who were responsible, despite his loud claims to the contrary.

Already there are rumors that the establishment is not happy with his performance. The Khwaja brothers held a three hour meeting with Pervaiz Elahi (Imran's ally) and apparently discussed how to dislodge the so-called Mr. Clean and his government. Something similar is happening in Baluchistan, where the incumbent government is likely to be replaced. 

There are reports of Imran Khan having already submitted requests to the president to dissolve the assemblies for holding fresh elections. If he does that, he can say goodbye to politics. I hope he is sent home soon. His rule so far has been disastrous for the country.