Of course we should have expected it. The mullahs and the illiterate shopkeepers seem to have prevailed in Punjab, and almost certainly the rest of the country will have no choice but to follow suit.

The Punjab government (controlled by the chief moron in the country, Imran Khan) caved in to the demands of shopkeepers and the mullahs. Congregational prayers have been allowed, leading to close contact between the faithful, so we should expect thousands of deaths around the time of Eid (Indonesian doctors have also predicted this for their country).

The Sindh chief minister was on TV just now, and with tears in his eyes he begged with folded hands for the people to understand how dangerous the situation is. But I doubt if the faithful will realize it. I hope that when they see the havoc after reopening their businesses and mosques they will realize how foolish they were. But until then, as I said, we'll have to bear the brunt of it. Let's hope we don't have a situation like that faced by Europe and the U.S. But where most people believe that performing ablution five times a day is enough to keep corona virus away, anything can happen.