Despite many countries having imposed lockdowns and even curfews to fight the corona virus, our "selected" prime minister is vehemently opposed to do so. India, with about 600 cases (compared to 1100 in Pakistan) is under a three week lockdown, while California is under a curfew. Yet Imran Khan Niazi wants buses and trucks to continue operating. If you want to know why he's so keen for bus and truck drivers to prosper during this crisis, look again at his surname "Niazi", the tribe which is in control of trucks throughout the country.

The transport mafia is responsible for smuggling of arms and narcotics into the country, besides being major supporters of the ruling party. Another reason could be the fact that IK's wife wants people to go to shrines all over the country to pray, particularly the shrine in Pakpattan. Unless buses are allowed to operate, Pakistanis will be deprived of this activity.

But again, maybe he knows that the war against the virus cannot be won without massive foreign aid. Perhaps he knows that thousands will die in the country, and other countries and aid-giving agencies will jump in with billions of dollars, thus helping him to remain in power for another five years. 

Of course I may be wrong, perhaps he really wants to help the poor, but that is highly unlikely, considering the huge palatial mansion he lives in and the petty amount he pays in income tax.