Even though the government had posted policemen outside all mosques today (to prevent the faithful from going in and getting infected), many die-hard Muslims refused to obey. In three prominent mosques in Karachi (Memon Masjid, Binnoria Town Masjid and Sabeel Wali Masjid), there were huge gatherings, despite the cops pleading with them to refrain. Friday prayers were prohibited in all other Muslim countries, but most Pakistanis apparently think Saudis and others don't know anything about Islam,  

It seems hopeless, as that nincompoop Imran Khan has allowed trucks to freely run in the country from tomorrow. We should see a rapid surge in infections during the next fortnight. Already it is obvious that the number of cases in Pakistan are much more than the declared 1,300 (as only ten thousand people have so far been test). Compare this with New York, which has tested 138,000 people despite having a population of only 20 million (compared to Pakistan's 220 million).

I saw a video of a little girl (maybe 8 years old) screaming and desperately trying to breathe, and it made me go cold with horror. I can't imagine the pain the child was going through. I would sooner kill myself rather than endure such torture. 

In Islamabad, a man got up after Friday prayers and asked the mullah to pray for his wife, who had contracted the virus. Immediately the entire congregation left the mosque. At least they know it is very contagious.

I remember that in both wars in India we were brought down to our knees in less than three days (despite Bhutto saying we would fight for a thousand years). We simply don't have the discipline to endure hardships. Only a completely totalitarian government like the one in China is needed to succeed against the Corona virus.