I knew it would happen. Everyday more and more cases of those stricken by the corona virus surface, with Karachi having the most victims. The authorities told everyone to stay at home for the three day holiday (March 21 to 23), but no one did. The streets were full of vehicles, it seems the people don't seem to realize that this virus has the potential to kill thousands of people. In Sukkur, some of those who were under quarantine barged out (they were egged on by a mullah). So I'm not surprised that the provincial government decided to impose a lockdown, which will compel most people to remain in their houses.

But that nincompoop (Imran Khan) is still adamant. He refuses to order a lockdown, despite the fact that the Chinese and other countries had to do it. Apparently he thinks if people are not allowed to go to work and some of them die of hunger, his party will lose in the next elections. Or maybe it's his wife who has told him not to give in. She wants all people to go to shrines where they can ask dead people to kill the lethal virus.

Those who live in Karachi are used to stay at home, as there have been so many curfews and strikes in the past. In 1977, during the riots that resulted in Bhutto being overthrown, we were confined to our houses for days at a time. The frequent strikes called by that mad man (Altaf Hussain) for many years in the last two decades of the twentieth century are still fresh in our minds.

Despite being told not to go to mosques this Friday, no one obeyed. I also went to see if the mullah would tell his listeners not to come to his mosque, but no, he instead encouraged them to come as much as possible. In the illegal mosque in my apartment complex, a born-again Muslim insisted that the air-conditioned mosque should remain open for faithful like him to enjoy the cool temperature inside. 

The daughter of a distant relative arrived from New York and sailed through the airport as her temperature was normal at the time. Two days later, she had developed a cough and fever so she went to the premier hospital in the country to find out if she'd been afflicted by the lethal virus. It turned out that she was, and she had infected ten others, including her aged grandmother. 

I spent most of today calling old friends and relatives and talking to them about old times. Let's hope my family stays safe.