It must be very difficult for politicians like Imran Khan and his minions to be always truthful. I've always known he is a braggart and a blusterer, even though I've never met him. But from what he has said over the past few years it's been clear that he frequently backs out from what he's said before, which earned him the nickname (among many others) "U-turn Khan".

So the other day he made it official. "Yes, I do take U-turns. A leader cannot succeed if he doesn't do so". Then that other moron Arif Alvi (whom I know personally) who is president of this banana republic, also claimed proudly that he too has indulged in frequent U-turns. After that, most PTI politicians have been falling over backwards explaining that U-turns are very necessary in politics.

So we have a very interesting situation here. How will other world leaders ever trust Imran Khan now? I can imagine the Chinese finance minister telling Asad Umar, "Hey, how do we know you won't take a U-turn and refuse to return this loan?"

But one aspect of the matter seems to have escaped our analysts. If, as Imran Khan says, only those leaders succeed who make U-turns, what about those who ruled over the successful State of Madina fourteen centuries ago? Imran Khan has frequently said he wants to make Pakistan like the state of Madina. Does he not know the rulers of that highly efficient state were men of integrity and  never made U-turns? It's only a matter of a few days before the clerics ask him this awkward question. I'd love to see him squirming and trying to get out of that situation.