I don't think the young men of today realize that their elders had to suffer a lot when they were young. I remember going to school in the 1950s. We had to walk for fifteen minutes to reach the bus stop, then walk for another ten minutes after getting off the bus to reach school. And usually we were caned for being late (through no fault of our own). 
Today's generation has had everything handed over to them on a platter. Most young men of today have cars and motorbikes. They think their parents are dim witted. We couldn't argue with our elders, it was unthinkable. Everything our elders said was acceptable as the truth, and most of the time they were right. When the first martial law was imposed upon the country, my father predicted that it would ultimately cause the breakup of Pakistan (it did). Yet the youngsters of those days (myself included) were brainwashed into believing that Ayub Khan was the great savior and would lead the country to greatness. When Bhutto appeared on the scene, I was old enough to recognize him for what he was (a stupid, arrogant autocrat), even though most men of my age thought he would be able to make the country great after its dismemberment (for which he was partly responsible).
In those days it was impossible for a high court judge to be corrupt. He would refuse to attend parties (unless such an event was held by close family members). He would never accept gifts and usually he dressed and led a lifestyle which was commensurate with his income. Nowadays, no one is surprised when a judge is photographed with politicians, wears expensive shoes and designer clothes. And we all know that our country's top judges are biased against the leader of one political party and openly favor the leader of another (while turning a blind eye to his corruption). 
Of course, this kind of thing is the norm in most third world countries. But Pakistan was supposed to be a state where the poor would not be oppressed, where the minorities would be safe and where the corrupt would be punished. It didn't turn out that way, and we know that "those who cannot be named" are responsible.