Women all over the world endure loveless marriages. As divorce is not allowed in Christianity (and even in Hinduism), women particularly are badly affected (men can live with women out of wedlock in most countries). Muslim women, of course, have the right to approach the court for dissolution of their marriage, but the process takes a long time. However, despite this, few Pakistani Muslim women would ever think of doing so. Once a worker of mine said, "We are not cowards like you city folks, whenever our wives ask for divorce, we immediately shoot them!". Not only this, once a marriage is annulled by the courts, the divorcee is in constant danger of being killed by her ex-husband and his relatives.
So, at the time of signing the marriage contract, the poor woman knows that if she asks for the right to obtain immediate divorce (as stipulated in the marriage contract), the groom's family will immediately suspect her of being immoral. So she remains silent, and when the time comes when she can no longer endure the abuse and torment of her husband and his relatives, she sums up the courage to apply for dissolution of marriage (a process that takes many months).
So, even if the Council of Islamic Ideology does make it mandatory for the bride to stipulate if she would like to have the right to divorce, the poor girl will probably say no.