They arrested a perfectly innocent man the other day and charged him with being an Indian agent.

Judge: How do you know he's an Indian agent? He was born in Pakistan, has lived a perfectly blameless life, and is now retired.

Police officer: Sir, the neighbors said he is always very polite and has never quareled with any of them. No Pakistani is like that. We followed him as he drove his car and found that he always observed traffic rules and always stopped whenever the traffic light was red. This further strengthened our suspicions, as we have never come across a Pakistani who strictly follows rules, whether driving or in any other activity.

Judge: That's not enough to convict him of being an enemy agent. Do you have any other evidence?

Police officer: Well, he likes to listen to old Indian film songs. We found this out when we stopped him to check his license and car papers, and we heard Indian music playing on his CD player.

Judge: Unusual, but again, there is nothing in our laws to prevent anyone from listening to Indian music. You'll have to come up with something concrete. Has he confessed?

Police officer: No, Sir, even though we tried every known mental torture technique we've been trained in. We don't want to torture him physically, as he's too old and weak to endure it.

Judge: I'm afraid I'll have to release him from custody, you just can't convict anyone on mere suspicion.

Police officer: Wait, Sir, his neighbors say he's against the building of dams in the country. He says he was an irrigation engineer and observed that there is so much wastage of water in the country that dams are not necessary, all that is required is to reduce the wastage, rather than spend so much on making dams. I believe he should be tried as an Indian agent for saying this.

Judge: you're right, this is serious, no Pakistani would ever object to the building of dams. Bring his neighbors next week as witnesses. If what the neighbors say about him objecting to building dams is true, he can be convicted.